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Kelly Hutson is a fully accredited and registered nutritional therapist. Kelly worked in the corporate world for 15 years when she started to feel the negative effects of long haul flights, client lunches, late nights and after work drinks.  It wasn’t until after she had her family that she finally considered her own health and decided to study as a Registered Nutritional Therapist for 4 years at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition. She now sees clients at her Surrey clinic in Reigate with a focus on weight loss programmes, female health and autoimmunity.


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What Our Clients Have to Say

When I started working with Kelly and Metabolic Balance I was at my wits end with my diet and felt addicted to sugar. My weight had been gradually increasing and I felt out of control of my eating. As a medical professional I knew in theory what was needed to lose the weight I was putting on and had tried for years, but to no avail.

Within a few weeks working with Kelly I had lost several kilos. I didn’t feel hungry and felt far more in control of what I was eating than I had in a long time. I also found that I was eating a much greater range of foods and being more creative with my meals. My sugar cravings were much improved and my energy levels were better.

Kelly has kept me motivated throughout my time on metabolic balance. She really understood where I was coming from when we started out and her practical advice and non-judgemental approach has helped to make the process not only manageable but enjoyable. She goes above and beyond to come up with solutions to any issues that may pop up-(cravings, social events, night shifts and holidays abroad have all been overcome.)

Dr. Alexandra B, London